RE – SKIN Growth Factor

RE – SKIN Growth Factor program helps restore damaged cells to be youthful.

What is RE – SKIN Growth Factor?

RE – SKIN Growth Factor is a concentrated protein extract from Placenta that is rich in nutrients. to help restore damaged cells to return to youth stimulate skin elasticity to be detailed Helps tighten pores Helps reduce wrinkles on the face under the eyes from stimulating the creation of Collagen and Elastin within the skin, increasing water in the skin. Makes the skin soft, fluffy, helps to adjust the dull skin. to come back clearer Helps reduce inflammation of the face Reduces inflamed acne, reduces acne scars and dark spots.

Duties of Placenta

Placenta is responsible for creating shells for the human body. which will be loaded with essential nutrients that are essential for life Of course, the three main nutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. It contains many physiologically active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nucleic acids. Placenta Extracts are commonly used as medicines to stimulate and restore vital functions of the body. Many of the compounds found in Placenta Extracts are bioactive. help against inflammation Stimulates the creation and repair of new cells. Placenta Extract benefits for health include enhancing energy. relieves stress Promotes effective sleep relax and eliminate symptoms of fatigue It is known that the bioactive molecules in Placenta include hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin. which is a hormone that helps in lactation and builds relationships after childbirth It also releases the substance of happiness and promotes a feeling of good health and relaxation.

Placenta Benefits

Placenta enhances the growth and development of the fetus. Rich in amino acids, peptides, vitamins, essential minerals and growth factors. Nutrients and bioactive compounds The application of placenta compounds is used in a variety of clinical therapies because of its outstanding therapeutic properties such as anti-oxidants. anti microbial anti-inflammatory reduce pain Hair follicle regrowth, restore health, stimulate the shell, restore tissue and help heal wounds in the body. It is now widely accepted in the medical community that Placental Extracts can restore various age-related and degenerative conditions of the body. Placenta’s healing powers range from repairing damaged body skin to healing wounds to prevent loss of flexibility. It has been known to hit the medical community for a while now. Renowned dermatologist and plastic surgeon Toei has been using Piacenta for skin rejuvenation and treatments by pushing Placenta into the subcutaneous layer of his clients for years. RE – SKIN Growth Factor ingredients are concentrated proteins from the placenta that are frozen to maintain protein integrity to ensure maximum biological reactivity.

How does RE – SKIN Growth Factor help us?

  • Reduce wrinkles, reduce acne, bags under the eyes and fade dull skin.
  • Stimulates the exfoliation of the epidermis to create new skin cells that are softer and more hydrated.
  • Stimulate skin elasticity to the skin resolution Adjust the skin color to be consistent
  • Brighten skin tone, tighten pores and make the body skin brighter.

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