What is MADE Collagen?

MADE Collagen is a combination of natural extracts containing both multivitamins. All minerals, enzymes, lysenta and collagen must be prepared in the process of preparing homeopathy, a therapeutic science originating in Germany. Dr. Samuel Hanemann’s findings are more than 200 years old, with the principle of treating similar things or removing substances that cause the symptoms by diluting the substance according to the formulation before, resulting in good and fruitless treatment, which is a principle that is close to vaccination.

How made collagen helps to treat you

  1. Detoxification is a process of accelerating the excretion of waste substances and waste, which causes wrinkles from the body by stimulating various functions that act on excretion such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and lymph nodes. This is a very important movement for the treatment of the disease. If there are toxins and waste residues in the body, it can weaken the body and cause symptoms of various diseases. When there’s a lot of waste inside, The body can’t absorb new nutrients into the nourishing body like a full-bodied water solution.
  2. Metabolism is a process that accelerates metabolism and blood circulation.
  3. Nutrients and cell therapy are nutrients and fleshy cells in a modest amount that the body needs. To help restore health and well-being.
  4. Restructuring is about re-balancing your body. Helps the body to have good immunity, strength. It can fight the causes of diseases. This makes the skin beautiful, strong and not easily damaged from the outside environment.

How many times do MADE Collagen need to be seen?

  • Due to wrinkles caused by many causes, especially as they age due to skin cells and certain substances such as Collagen and Fibroblast being destroyed, therefore, the skin condition depends on the image and age of the individual.
  • But if you’re older, you need to give it more time because there’s no magic potion anywhere to help wrinkles disappear and keep your skin healthy for a while. However, it is guaranteed that made and collagen will help users to have clear skin, smooth water, moisturize and tighten, and the byproduct of using made and collagen is that the user is healthy, refreshed and in a good mood. A few sedentary illnesses are also gone. Helps to balance the health of men and women.
  • Made collagen treatment can be done 1 time or every 2 weeks for 5-10 consecutive times. The effects of the treatment last up to 1 year depending on the skin care in each person.

Is made collagen injection dangerous?

  • Made Collagen Contains collagen, vitamins, minerals, natural substances, no proteins.

MADE Collagen Injection 16 dot

  • The 16-point made injection technique is a technique that injects yamade collagen into 16 acupuncture points throughout the face, stimulating the circulation of the lymph nodes under the skin, which has a clearer effect than the use of top-and-eat collagen.

How long does made collagen last? How often do I need to inject?

  • After injection, make collagen for 1-2 months.
  • If you want to keep your skin healthy, you can repeat the injection. It is recommended to inject once a week in the first month and then every 2 weeks to maintain the condition.

Made Collagen Post-Injection Care

  • After injection, the collagen can return to normal daily life. Redness or blisters may be found in the needle marks. But it will disappear in 3-4 hours.
  • Do not rub or scratch the injection site. Rinse your face with water 1 day after treatment, after which you can live your life normally.

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