Forehead surgery

Forehead surgery

forehead augmentation surgery Forehead augmentation is fill the trenches permanently increase smoothness Do it once, can last a lifetime. It will make every problem of flat forehead, deep grooves not smooth. Forehead augmentation will answer many questions. No need to waste money. Add fat. Repeatedly, the result that will be obtained immediately after the procedure is a plump forehead. Fill in the dented and missing parts, helping to add softness on the face, add dimension to the face and face younger. face looks brighter Importantly, it will lift the eyelids. making the eyelids more clearly visible
Forehead augmentation surgery is
      forehead augmentation is a medical innovation that can help solve the problem of an unshaped forehead, for example, those who have problems with short forehead, flat forehead, sunken forehead or sunken forehead from various accidents. It will help adjust the facial structure around the forehead to be more compatible with other parts of the face. By using a silicone sheet molded using advanced and popular technology like CT SCAN in x-rays, we can get accurate images that meet our needs. of the forehead for each individual (3D Customized Silicone Implant) or using preformed silicone. The silicone is prefabricated and ready to be inserted immediately. There are many sizes for doctors to choose from. Which will vary in width and length. The results from the fact that we added that silicone. The forehead will look naturally rounded. protruding add dimension to face shape The face will be more youthful. in which the silicone will not deform and last a lifetime
Forehead augmentation surgery Who is it suitable for?
      forehead augmentation surgery Suitable for people who have uneven forehead problems, flat forehead problems, or have forehead problems that are too wide or narrow. Which this surgery will help adjust the face shape to be beautiful, eye-catching and balanced, looking more 3D In addition, older people who have problems with wrinkles on the forehead can also have forehead surgery to make the face look younger as well.
  • Flat forehead For those who have a flat forehead, cut forehead
  • Forehead plummets down in a straight line. Forehead lacks roundness Therefore causing the face to be waterless and soft, therefore giving the face a lack of dimensions, not on the camera, and most importantly, will make the face look older than the age
  • narrow forehead For people with a narrow forehead, the proportions of the face look short. I want to increase the width of the
  • forehead to make meg get money. Forehead augmentation will adjust the dimension to look wider, embossed, adding more dimensions.
  • uneven forehead with bone structure Since birth, the forehead is not smooth. wavy forehead The more you will see wrinkles more clearly than others.
  • high brow bone forehead Therefore causing the middle of the forehead to have deep grooves and in cases where the defect is solved as well will make the bone structure more obvious, will make the face look fierce wavy forehead not smooth
  • How many types of forehead augmentation surgery are there?

    forehead augmentation To correct a flat and wide forehead There are several ways to create a beautiful, sweet, feminine protrusion as follows:

    Forehead augmentation by fat injection

         It is the process of bringing our own fat, such as fat on the thighs, upper arms or abdomen, to separate fat cells. Then injected into the forehead area. For this method there will be no wounds. no scar And will look very natural, but the disadvantage is that the duration of forehead augmentation by fat grafting will only last about 1 year.

    Forehead augmentation surgery with silicone

         It is a surgery to insert silicone to fit the face shape. The advantages of silicone augmentation are that it will have a suitable forehead shape, a beautiful shape, and it will last longer than fat injections.

    Forehead augmentation with filler injection

         It is a filler injection into the forehead at various points for this method to help enhance the defect. Make the forehead embossed and beautiful. It can also help reduce wrinkles on the forehead as well.

    Other substitutes for silicone

    นอกจากซิลิโคนซึ่งเป็นที่นิยมสูงสุดในปัจจุบันแล้ว การผ่าตัดเสริมหน้าผากยังมีการใช้วัสดุอื่นๆ ด้วย ดังนี้

    Bone Cement

         It is a material that has been used for a long time. It is a substance called polymethyl methoxylate or PMMA. It is a substance that is not irritating or harmful to the body. surgeons like to use Because it can be easily adjusted to create shapes. Surgery time is about 2-3 hours.

    finished silicone sheet

    finished silicone sheet      The silicone body is pre-molded according to medical standards. By the nature of the silicone is produced in a ready-made form. Based on the average from most people. There are many sizes with different widths and lengths. Before implanting the silicone, the doctor will analyze the silicone that is close to the base of our forehead based on the customer satisfaction principle. because it will be with him for the rest of his life And then the doctor will use techniques to decorate the silicone to suit the forehead structure of each individual. The finished silicone comes in 3 sizes as follows:

  • Size S, thickness 4.5 mm.
  • Size M, thickness 6.0 mm.
  • Size L, thickness 7.0 mm.

  • e-PTFE (Gore-Tex)

         It is a material that is synthesized to be used as an artificial blood vessel. Later, it was adapted to be a supplementary material instead of silicone, which is soft, highly flexible, and can adjust the curved shape well with the forehead. Importantly, there are many pores. This allows regenerative tissue to insert along the pore, resulting in a fixed e-PTFE position. do not move around


         It is a kind of synthetic material made from Bone Cement (a material that replaces bone. repair damaged bone areas). The advantage of PMMA is that it can be molded into any shape. Does not irritate or harm the body does not cause allergic reactions It is commonly used by doctors to correct facial deformities where some bones are missing. It is often used in conjunction with 3D X-rays. Then the material is cast to the desired size and shape. Therefore, surgery is gradually added to the material. The silicone is designed to fit the forehead of each individual. By using CT SCAN technology to help with the ability to analyze and inspect accurately and precisely. The silicone is designed directly from the person's forehead structure. It can also set the curvature of the silicone to be proportionate to the individual's face. Although forehead augmentation with silicone is not a major surgery. and it doesn't take long But it needs to be done by a specialist and highly skilled doctor. Because after the forehead augmentation The edge of the silicone must be flush with the skin. Otherwise, the edge may be visible or feel the silicone edge.

    Advice and preparation before forehead augmentation surgery

  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin / smoking / refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages / some supplements that affect blood coagulation such as garlic and fish oil at least 2 weeks before brow implant surgery.
  • For people who eat certain herbs such as evening primrose oil. high doses of vitamin E Foods containing monosodium glutamate, garlic, radish, soybean products It can cause abnormal bleeding. or have problems during surgery, should inform the doctor first because may have to stop taking herbs 7-10 days before surgery
  • It is recommended to wash your hair before undergoing facial augmentation surgery to prevent infection.
  • People with hypertension need to normalize their blood pressure for 2 weeks before getting forehead augmentation.
  • Prepare to take a break from work for about 1 week.
  • You should bring a friend or relative with you on the day of the forehead augmentation. Because after doing it, you may feel dizzy due to blood loss.
  • If there is a congenital disease You should tell your doctor right away. before surgery Otherwise there may be danger.
  • people with heart disease Those who are taking antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin should consult their doctor before having forehead augmentation surgery.
  • People taking Cumadin for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis in the legs or in people with valvular heart disease. You should consult your doctor and stop taking medications before undergoing forehead augmentation surgery.
  • Procedures for forehead augmentation surgery

    In forehead augmentation surgery, it takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour, depending on individual cases. The steps of forehead augmentation surgery are as follows:
    1. The first step is to measure and draw the slit line. and tie your hair
    2. After that, clean your face and scalp with an antiseptic
    3. Then the doctor will place the silicone on the forehead. and draw according to the silicone sheet in order to determine the position of the silicone
    4. The doctor will inject an anesthetic in the forehead augmentation area
    5. Make an incision on the head 1 cm away from the hairline, cut in a zigzag line. The incision is about 3-4 cm long.
    6. Open the scalp to the eyebrow bone, place the silicone to fit Add silicone that is used to supplement. then adjust the sheet to fit No part wrinkled or wrapped. then sewn closed No shaving
    7. After surgery, wash your hair thoroughly. Use plain water to wash without shampoo.
    8. Drink plenty of water, take pain medication every 4 hours for 2 consecutive days after surgery.
    9. Able to go to work 3-7 days after surgery. There may be swelling and bruising at the forehead augmentation area. In general, warm water should be applied on the 3-7th day to help reduce bruising.

    Practices and taking care of yourself After forehead augmentation surgery

    • Apply a cold compress to the forehead for the first 2 days, but then do a warm compress. This will help reduce swelling and pain.
    • Drink plenty of fluids and take pain medication every 4 hours for 2 consecutive days after surgery.
    • Wash your face and wash your hair as usual (1 month after surgery, hair can be colored). In case the wound is wet, wipe it dry and wipe it with an antiseptic immediately.
    • To lie down, do not support the pillow. to reduce puffiness on the face and around the eyes
    • Suture removal can be done about 2 weeks after forehead augmentation surgery.
    • Refrain from drinking all kinds of alcoholic beverages for a period of about 1 month.
    • Take all of the medication prescribed by your doctor. If an allergic reaction to the drug occurs, for example, red rash, itching, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, see a doctor immediately.
    • Strenuous exercise should be avoided for about 2-3 months to help prevent concussions to the forehead. because otherwise May cause the silicone to deform.
    • Visit a doctor by appointment If you find any abnormal symptoms, you should inform your doctor immediately.

    Possible risks and complications After forehead augmentation surgery

    forehead augmentation to make the forehead protruding Beautiful in many ways, as mentioned above. In addition, surgeons who specialize in forehead augmentation surgery It will help the problem of complications after surgery and the risk will be less. Possible risks include surgical site infection, bleeding, redness, displacement of the implant, scarring, and anesthesia side effects.
    1. Swelling and bruising from forehead augmentation surgery which will get better and will be able to heal on its own
    2. May cause injury to the facial muscles
    3. may vomit After forehead augmentation, don't be alarmed, it's normal, get plenty of rest. Or some people may not happen.

    Advantages of forehead augmentation surgery with silicone

    Forehead augmentation with silicone has many advantages as follows.

    • Silicone is durable. The service life is quite long. (lifespan depends on the quality of silicone)
    • Silicone is stable. do not move around make the forehead shape as desired
    • Can customize silicone. Choose from 3 levels of height: low relief, medium relief, and high relief, depending on the face shape of each person. If a person has a very flat forehead Surgeons often recommend using high-convex silicone.
    • If the patient is unsatisfied with the shape or wants to make further corrections Silicone can be surgically removed.

    Disadvantages of forehead augmentation surgery with silicone

    Although forehead augmentation with silicone has many advantages, it also has limitations as follows:

    • The price is higher than forehead augmentation by fat injection
    • Surgery is required. Open the mouth of the incision at the hairline above the forehead
    • The recovery time is longer than forehead augmentation by fat grafting


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